July 31st to August 3rd/20. "THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN" - $25,000.00 In Prize Money


Track Rules 2020 ( subject to change )

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                                           Thunder Mountain Raceway

                                                        TRACK RULES

                                                   (subject to change)

1.   All race vehicles must pass an IHRA Inspection. Tech in lanes 6 and 7

2.   All drivers and pit crew must sign a waiver.

3.   Left Lane (tower) has the right of way in the shut down area.

4.   Courtesy staging is the rule.

5.   Byes will be decided in the following manner: first round for points will be           the best reaction time in qualifying. following rounds - best remaining qualifying run – computer generates this information automatically. KOTH(Gamblers) is random selection by the computer. One bye per car-per race.

6.   Any complaints must go the TMR executive, tower is off limits.

7.   Seasons points earned in any class are not transferable.

8.   Speed limits – return road 10 mph, pits 5 mph.

9.   After completing your run, return your vehicle to your designated pit areas, pick up your time slip at the tech shack, be patient, you can make a pass faster than we can print a time slip.

10.   Trophies are awarded for winner and runner up

11.   King of the Hill (Gamblers) is paid out to 1ST, 2ND, 3RD.

12.   No firing of race cars between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM, excluding night racing.   If you choose to break this rule, it will result in immediate race suspension for the following day. NO qualifying points will be awarded, NO time only’s will be allowed.

13.   All running vehicles are to have a driver in the car.

14.   DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended once it has entered the staging lanes.

15.   One only support vehicle per race allowed in the pit area.

16.   Ways for racers to get disqualified from race day: freak out on the staff (volunteers) (includes pit crew, family and friends), drive in a reckless manner, cheat, drink or be impaired from previous evening, smoke marijuana, partake in any illegal substance during the course of the race day (downtime due to lunch or the weather is still considered part of the race day), lie, steal, fail to follow staff direction, or by testing the transbrake in the staging lanes. WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

17.   No refunds, rainchecks only.